VideoScribe Sparkol Reviewed and Compared

Whiteboard animation has become a new source of storytelling but in more interesting way. This software is worth trying as it can easily replicate stop-motion сарturе style which can be a tad difficult to use. Launched in 2012 by UK based company Sparkol, VіdеоSсrіbе Software attains the popularity by April 2014, that it got 250,000 users around 135 countries in the world. VіdеоSсrіbе was developed by using Adobe Flash to produce Flash Videos and Quick time movies. Here in this article, we will be doing a through VideoScribe review by analyzing its features, usability, user-friendly functions and pricing.

Why is VideoScribe Software Useful?

Vlogging has become the most popular tool for promoting the content as it reaches to a wider audience. Similar to PowerPoint, with VideoScribe Software, one can easily add text, alter the color, change canvas style, add images, import your designed logo or images from computer to make the video. The best thing about this software is that you can add music tracks and voice-overs with the text data which will be presented as a video. You can select the element that will be drawn, the time duration of the drawing hands and if you don’t like the default hand, then Sparkol gives you the freedom to import the one as per your liking.

Features of VideoScribe Software

  1. Compatibility: VideoScribe software is compatible with Windows and Mac both. There is also an app with limited features for iOS and Android Platforms. The designed application gives freedom to users to create videos on different platforms.
  2. Downloadable and Cloud Base: Another important feature of VideoScribe software is, it allows you to save your work in the cloud. But, if you don’t have internet access, the program is downloadable enabling you to complete the task offline also.
  3. Designing Features: If you want a wide variety of layouts or characters in your whiteboard animation software, then Sparkol gives you the freedom to create characters, designs, text and even program movements by opting for hand to draw in each scene. There are many other features available related to visual props and sounds that will add depth and richness to your videos.
  4. Easy to Work: Creating video in VideoScribe Sparkol software is a five-step process. Just start by adding images and text, then proceed to set the animation, choose the voiceover or import, pick the soundtrack or any other sounds and click on publish button.

VideoScribe Pricing

Sparkol Videoscribe is being used by Mac and Microsoft Windows Operating Systems for creating whiteboard animation videos. Though this software is considered to be expensive which is a 29$ for a month and $144 for a year, it is a real value for money package if used correctly. If you are skeptical about paying such a significant amount, the company offers seven-day free trial limited with some features only. The best thing about it, is you don’t have to put the credit card information or PayPal Account details to gain access to the software. As this is the most sought whiteboard animation video software, buyers often opt for a lifetime subscription for $665.

To check if VideoScribe the worth it and safe to use in long term, we have compared it with the other two most popular whiteboard animation software – PowToon and GoAnimate.

VideoScribe Vs PowToon

VideoScribe and PowToon both are some of the most sought programs for creating whiteboard animation videos. Here is the comparison regarding the main features of these two software.

  • PowToon is a cloud-based software while VideoScribe can be used in desktop, mobile by installing an app for creating whiteboard videos depending on the platform.
  • If you want to build high quality animated videos, then as per most of the users, PowToon is an apt choice, but for creation stop-motion style of drawing video, VideoScribe will be useful.
  • Powtoon is easy to use for creating a presentation, and excellent animation videos whereas VideoScribe have lots of features that add effects to whiteboard animation videos to make it more engaging to the audience.
  • With PowToon, you can have video in MP4 format, easy to upload to YouTube but with VideoScribe you can create a different version of the high-quality video with thousands of free images, fonts, colors, and music.
  • PowToons has three plans: Free, Pro, and Business for the customers, while VideoScribe offers three programs; Yearly, Monthly and Lifetime Plan where the users can download the software once for all. Also, they offer a seven-day free trial for users to erase their doubt regarding the software.

VideoScribe Vs GoAnimate

  • GoAnimate allows you to build the high-converting landing page in a short span of time. VideoScribe is a professional animation software that allows drawing beautiful drawings for images to create HD professional Video in minutes.
  • With GoAnimate, you can easily integrate marketing tools like MailChimp, AWeber, Salesforce, and many others, while VideoScribe is only used for creating HD videos on various platforms. It comes with multiple fonts, music and sound library, 1000 of royalty free images to create a high definition animated video.
  • GoAnimate has 30-day no risk trial for customers, and then they can opt for starter pack costing $49/month giving access to unlimited landing pages and 5,000 unique visitors/month. VideoScribe has seven days’ free trial followed by 29$ for a month and $144 for a year $665 for the lifetime subscription.

After doing the VideoScribe review, we can say that the software created by Sparkol is worth every penny if you are serious about creating commercial HD videos and reselling them in the market. VideoScribe offers great features and add-ons to the customers. With seven days, free trial, you can access the software and can upgrade Sparkol Pro Subscription 29$ for a month and $144 for a year or buy a lifetime subscription for $665.

So, if you are the artist or illustrator who wants to showcase the work in the best possible way, then VideoScribe is the right software for you. This is our opinion after reviewing the best brand of whiteboard animation software but wish to hear your point of view too. Feel free to drop your comments on VideoScribe Sparkol or any other software which can replace it.

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