How to Write Perfect Video Script [Killer Template]

If you want to create a great whiteboard animation video, then you need a perfect script for it. A video template without an awesome script is like a person without a spine. Confusing, messy, and going nowhere. In other words, if you are going to create a marketing or corporate video, then you need a perfect video scripting template for it.

Check out the tips to create an amazing video script template below.

1) Write a brief about your video first

This is an essential and most important part of creating a stunning video script. You need to finish the video brief first. Set your video, know your audience, and of course, the message you want to send. See this checklist below which will help you to create a perfect video brief.

  • What is the purpose of making the video?
  • What do you want to achieve through it?
  • To whom you will be talking?
  • What you want to be done by them after watching your video?
  • What is the message you want to give?

2) Write the perfect script

After making the video brief and deciding the topic, it’s time to write a stunning script now.

Just you had done with the video brief, try to make the script as simple as you can. You just need to make it effective. Remember that, you are not writing a script for an award function or to frame it in your hall, but, you are writing it for engaging your audience and for the high conversion rates.

Use simple, conservation language

You are not writing a marketing research analysis or a college project report, so make it simple. The idea of the scripting template is to make your video subject speak for itself.

Make it understandable and engaging

You are not writing a film script, so don’t just include dialogs in your video script template. Unless your video needs different characters, scenes, and multiple shots, try to avoid adding such things. Include some necessary information about the stage or set actions like wardrobe change, moving towards different locations, etc. These all things will make it easy to understand for the viewers what exactly is happening and they will keep interest in watching it.

Your video script should be written in a way that you can submit it to another person for shooting without any worry in your mind.

Use text overlays, B-Roll, and voiceovers to differentiate the main objectives. Try different formations and callouts.

Script the template in detail

It’s obvious that you make bullet points and just start to shoot the video if you know the subject better. But, often such way makes it tough to convey the conversational message, and you may need a lot of re-dos for that. So, try to write the video script in as much detail as you can. Write it till the last word you know about the subject matter.

Write it in a brief

Short time videos can get better engagement than the longer running videos. So, try to make the video short, and for this, you need to create a short video script template. So, try to write down all the key points about the subject in less than two pages. If you can make it on one page, it’s the best. Always make edits, and re-edits in every video script you make. Such round edits will help you to cut down all the unnecessary things.

3) Make a table read before the publish

After you have finished with your video script template, it’s the time to make a table read. Why this? Well, ‘practice brings perfection.’

Words look great on the template, but when you speak them out, sometimes they do not sound perfect. The table read will help you to get the right tune before bringing the video script template to life on camera. If you find something too robotic, too improper, or even too proper, remove it from your script. This will allow you to create a conventional message to achieve the goal.


These tips will help you to write an effective video scripting template. Remember that the script rests on how you create the video briefly. Create a compelling story which makes the best communication with your viewers on behalf of you. Keep it simpler, better, and conventional. Good Luck!

Bonus Tip

Don’t use any fancy type of teleprompter to remember the lines. When you are shooting the video, use the simple teleprompter: a laptop and a chair; as simple as your script! It will help to keep your lines handy while shooting.


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