Toonly Vs Doodly- Which Software is Worth Buying

If you are here to know which software is worth buying between Toonly vs Doodly, then I am assuming that you know very well that both of these are animation software. They are used to make animated videos, animated ads, as well as whiteboard explainer videos. Some experts believe that the audience actually doesn’t skip the animated commercials and watch it till the end when they are exciting and appropriately created. Research also shows that such creative ads increase the chances of converting people into clients.

Toonly Vs Doodly

Videos do help you in SEO and improve your Google ranking. If you are associated with internet marketing, then you may know that websites that feature videos have more chances to be on the first page of any search engine’s results. It’s because people nowadays can easily remember a video than any written articles. However, it is essential to make high-quality and best videos from the best software like Toonly or Doodly. This article will help you to get the most suitable one according to your needs. Let’ compare two sibling software.

Toonly vs Doodly Reviews

Toonly vs Doodly Reviews

The creators of Doodly also create Toonly, but both these programs are not 100% similar. Toonly focuses more on animations, but the videos created by Toonly are not whiteboard animation videos. Doodly is purely for the whiteboard animation. Toonly and Doodly, both are simple to use and don’t require any coding. Unlike other costlier and complicated software, these two are straightforward to understand and play with!

Features of Toonly and Doodly

Features of Toonly and Doodly

Toonly and Doodly, both are easy to use and do not require any coding. However, you will need the internet if you are working with Doodly.
You only need to drag and drop from the in-built scenes, backgrounds, props, characters, etc. to your video. You can also upload sounds, images, and fonts as per your choice while using Doodly.
When you are working with Toonly, you have to save your work from time to time. There is no option for auto-save.
You can create as many videos as you want as there is no limit. However, Toonly does not offer a free trial. It is backed with a 30-days money-back guarantee, though.
You can choose whiteboard, blackboard, or green board according to your requirements while using Doodly. Toonly is purely for cartoon explainer videos.
We cannot do Toonly vs Doodly when it comes to cost. Both of these options are not so costly and save a lot of your time and effort.

Get Toonly

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How Does Toonly Different Than Doodly?

How Does Toonly Different Than Doodly


If you are looking for a whiteboard animation video maker, then you should go for the Doodly. But if you want to create cartoon explainer videos, then Toonly is the best compared to others. Both of these options work well in their respective fields.

Hand Animations

Toonly does not offer the hand animation of the drawing features like Doodly. If you need such things, it will be better if you purchase Doodly. Toonly can provide some pre-made and in-built scenes and animated people that may help your video to be more attractive.

Texts and Headings

If you want to add a lot of text, then also you should not purchase Toonly. It is specially designed for animation as well as designing parts than to write in massive texts. Doodly is a better option for your whiteboard animation videos when it comes to a lot of headings and writeups.

Animation Synchronization

Toonly is better when it comes to flexibility. It allows you to sync animation and other stuff at the same time. If you use Doodly, you will have to face some issues as each animation has to occur one after the other in Doodly.

In-built Objects

Toonly offers more than 200 characters, more than twenty background, scenes, and many audio music tracks. Just like Toonly, Doodly also offers 200 custom poses, more than twenty scenes, and almost 200 props to choose from. However, you can even upload your own images and sounds to use them in the videos while using Doodly, but it is not possible in Toonly.

Cloud-Based Software

Toonly is not a cloud-based software. You can purchase, download, and install it on your computer. This program allows you to create videos, even when there is no internet. On the flip side, Doodly needs the internet to be able to complete the project.

In this era, where the technology is at the peak, such tools like Toonly and Doodly help you create professional videos so that you can get fantastic results via your advertisements and internet marketing. Both of these video making tools are the best in their respective areas. By using them, you will get ease and convenience to create impressive animation videos in an inexpensive manner. You can use these tools even if you are not a professional video maker or do not have knowledge about them. There are many tutorial videos available that can quickly guide you on how to use Doodly or Toonly.

I highly recommend these tools to people who would like to create explainer video content and get it ranked on the first page of Google. Though both of these video making options have a few drawbacks, they aren’t that bad at such a nominal price. I mean, who will help you with the making of original videos in just $67 or so? If leading companies around the world create explainer videos to promote their business, there is no doubt that you should try these beauties. I hope you got the difference between Doodly vs Toonly and now ready to rock the most suitable software to make your unique videos. All the best. Keep learning and stay creative. 🙂

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