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Top 8 Prezi Alternatives – Best Similar Software

For those who know what Prezi is, we all agree it is a great software. People who are unaware of Prezi, it is a productivity app based on the cloud. It creates presentations in complete contrast to traditional presentations, making your presentations more dynamic and interactive. While Prezi has an array of great features, there are other alternatives to Prezi in the market for those who are looking for something different while creating presentations. The other whiteboard animation software available might be different but still are pretty great options depending on what kind of presentations you want to build. So let us go through the list of the presentation websites like Prezi, which are great alternatives to Prezi.

Top 8 Prezi Alternatives Best Similar Software

1. Sparkol Videoscribe

videoscribe-sparkolSparkol Videoscribe is an appreciable alternative to Prezi. This whiteboard software is almost intuitive to use with a large range of effects and customization options. It even provides a sound library so you can add some royalty-free music to your video. Moreover you can stop and renew your subscription whenever you feel like.

  • The Videoscribe software sketches your desired characters so you can create any character you want, with loads of customizations, making any story come alive.
  • This software is not suitable for live presentations, but it makes an impact in online video presentations.

A few features to look out for before you subscribe to Videoscribe

  • Videoscribe cannot support any other files other than SVG files
  • The time frame shown in the bottom is not that user friendly
  • It becomes very tough to manage the clips in the time frame if you are going for a video more than 40 clips.
  • It is not easy to search for a specific artist in the image directory, which means extensive searching across the directory for the same artist.
  • Extra images need to be bought constantly, if you don’t want similar images appearing in all your videos

2. GoAnimate

goanimateGoanimate is a presentation website like Prezi, and uses an innovative DIY approach which gives you control over every feature, and in spite of everything it saves time as compared to other software for whiteboard animation and presentation! A few great features of Goanimate include-

  • A cloud Interface to help you save your work more effectively and also access greater storage space.
  • Goanimate is a fast to respond software, which also leads to saving time while making awesome presentations.
  • When you subscribe to Goanimate, you get unlimited creation, hosting and downloads, so you can create your presentations without any worries.
  • The Goanimate library of characters, sounds, backgrounds and props is one of the most unique libraries available, so you can create the perfect presentation with our extensive characters.
  • Goanimate offers programs for schools, governments and agencies, so you don’t have to be a business to use Goanimate!
  • When you are using Goanimate, you can give a voice to a character and they lip-sync it automatically! When you add a voice track to the background it becomes a voiceover narration.
  • With Goanimate you don’t have to opt for plain backgrounds in your videos. You can choose from editable background scenes that represent many varieties of industries, occupations, activities and concepts.
  • Our simple character creator gives you the ability to create yourself or your audience or your management or anyone else.

3. Emaze

Emaze_logoThis is a great option for a unique way to display the slides of a presentation. With this Prezi alternative, you have regular text editing capabilities along with a spell checker that corrects you as you type.

  • Its features include amazing 3D templates, along with a sound feature and voice over feature and even the ability to play your presentation on video, if you wish to
  • Emaze is built on HTML5 that allows it to run on any platform. This feature is not available yet in Prezi.
  • Although the chart functionality and structure is average, it lacks the characteristics that PowerPoint gives to those who want really detailed and accurate charts in their presentations.
  • With Emaze you can share the presentation with others through a unique link!

Though Emaze has a lot of features that make it a worthwhile option, here are a few points you need to look at before you opt for it.

  • The viewer analytics features are not yet available for Emaze, which gives it a slight disadvantage.
  • Lots of features in Emaze only work if you upgrade to a paid subscription, therefore it may be inconvenient if you are looking for high customization with lots of varieties to choose from.
  • All your presentations are made publicly accessible on Emaze, which could result in a loss of privacy of your work and plagiarism issues.
  • Emaze doesn’t save your work automatically, which can be a big bother as all your hard work could vanish in a second in case of any unfortunate accident.
  • Not everything on a slide is editable when you are using Emaze, which might cause frustration as the customization is limited.
  • You cannot save the presentation for offline use
  • The font type of text used in the presentation cannot be changed.

4. Powtoon

powtoonPowtoon is a free alternative to Prezi which specialises in making quick presentations when you’re short of time. It offers loads of images and templates to help you make an amazing presentation.

  • Powtoon’s suite of characters, its library, its fantastic templates, and special effects are absolutely unique with so many varieties you can create a presentation effortlessly.
  • The most incredible part about Powtoon is that your finished presentation looks professionally designed and is guaranteed to make a mark!
  • Powtoon works best for professors, teachers, students, and entrepreneurs. It is also a great option for designers wishing to explore their creativity in 2D animation without fussing over creating the designs from scratch.

Powtoon has a lot to offer, but there are a few things you should remember while working with it.

  • Presentations created using Powtoon have a small watermark which can be irritating for some.
  • Again as with Emaze, there are several options and features that are only available if you upgrade to a paid subscription, which might hinder customization.
  • Presentations aren’t automatically saved on Powtoon, which means you have to manually keep saving so you don’t lose your presentation.
  • You will not be able to save an offline version of the presentation, so an internet connection is mandatory if you want to present using Powtoon.
  • Some people find that the interface can seem cluttered, leading you to give more time in figuring where everything is.
  • When you are viewing someone else’s presentation, it takes a while to load.

5. Rawshorts

rawshortsRawShorts is a video presentation website, and one of the great Prezi alternatives. It incorporates custom video templates that give your presentation a unique feel.

  • It has an instinctive interface that doesn’t require heavy tutorials before using it, so you can create any kind of video that you wish to.
  • The kinds of videos you make using Rawshorts are very valuable for websites, blogs, and other kinds of demos, so your perspective can be conveyed in your personalized manner using the visual and auditory medium.
  • Though you are not able to integrate slides in your video, it gives a unique spin to the style of presentation for sure!

6. Kingsoft Presentation

WPS-OfficeKingsoft has introduced Presentation as a free Prezi alternative. It is perhaps one of the best free presentation software to work with. It is very easy to use and has both common and advanced presentation characteristics.

  • Kingsoft Presentation has an intuitive interface, with dynamic slides having flash, sound and animation features, as well as a variety of uniquely artistic backgrounds to choose from.
  • Kingsoft Presentation works with all common file formats, as well as switch back and forth from Microsoft.
  • You can open multiple slide pages on a single window interface so there is no need to switch among presentation windows.
  • The download size of the presentation is very small so it can be easily accessed and transferred to view
  • The print preview feature in this software allows you to clearly see how the printout will look if you choose, for different print styles, including more than one slide on a single page.
  • You can initiate an email to a recipient from within this program itself, making it very convenient to send presentations to all those concerned.
  • A side menu in this software makes it really straightforward to open different panels for layouts, themes, shapes, transitions, etc
  • Speaker notes and comments can be added to slides

Though it has a vast majority of value-for-money features, there are a few characteristics that also need to be kept in mind:

  • When you type a word, the spell check is not automatically activated, which means you have to pay double attention for the slightest spelling error.
  • Kingsoft Presentation has tried multiple times to install other Office tools, which means there are lots of annoying pop-ups and questions coming your way
  • Features like restricting the formatting/ range editing of a presentation, packaging a file into a folder/compressed file are only available in the professional versions, for which you have to subscribe.

7. Zoho Show

zohoZoho Show has a great variety of functions that allow you to add slides, create whiteboard animations, presentations, add sounds and video in order to develop a presentation that can be used by you personally or on the Internet. The manifold features of Zoho Show include:

  • An automatic save function that reduces your worries. You can work without worrying about saving every new addition to your presentation
  • It’s interface gives a very natural feel, and you can easily create amazing presentations
  • The software has very well-organized menus, so all the elements you need come in order and there is no confusion while creating a presentation
  • You can easily import and export presentations made in Zoho Show to popular file formats, making it easy to present on other devices
  • Zoho Show also allows you to insert YouTube videos directly into your presentation, which means you can now give more life to your presentation with the required dynamic material
  • If you are need to broadcast a live presentation remotely to others, Zoho Show can help you out! The app provides you with a link that can be given to your recipients and when they click the link they can view your presentation while you’ll have full control of the presentation remotely.
  • Another handy characteristic of Zoho show is that you can restore the past versions of your presentation if you require them!
  • Your presentation can be shared publicly or privately, completely depending on your preference!

Though these should be more than enough to sway your mind, keep a lookout for this con which is also present in Zoho Show:

  • There is no spell check option available in this website, keeping you on your toes about the slightest spelling and grammatical errors.

8. Sliderocket

sliderocketThis website is a cloud-based online Prezi alternative, and a direct evolution of all traditional presentation systems, combining speed and customization to hand you beautiful presentations.

The free version of this software allows you to publish your presentation as a URL only, meaning it can only be viewed in your browser. However, if you upgrade to a  paid version, you are given the option to download your presentation and run it offline. The paid version also exports completed presentations in PPT or PDF format, lets you record audio that you can use as commentary, and preserves multiple versions of slides that you create.

  • Sliderocket also includes a set of “plug-ins” that can use an online dictionary to insert the definition of any word you want to emphasize in your presentation, or a real-time Twitter feed about any subject you choose, or many other similar objects.
  • SlideRocket is designed to extract content from the internet. So when you want to add a video to a slide, you can select a video from Flickr or YouTube, or upload a video from your hard disk. You can add graphics or audio clips in the same way.
  • You can control the opacity of any video you add and can choose whether the video plays automatically. You can also choose fonts, colors, and other effects for the text you want to display on your presentation.

However there are a few shortcomings to Sliderocket as well:

  • You can’t crop a video or play only a portion of it, which can lead to using other software just to trim the video, making it a cumbersome effort on your part.
  • If you don’t save your work regularly, you may lose the most recent work on the current slide. If you exit the site without saving, Sliderocket offers to recover your most recent slide but doesn’t always succeed in doing so.

The world of presentation websites is rapidly expanding, with each option giving you the freedom to do something while not providing you with some other feature. Based on what you desire to achieve with your presentations, you can select one or even multiple alternatives. We hope this list of the similar software to Prezi was helpful to you.

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