Powtoon Reviews: Create Whiteboard Video in Fastest Way

You can enjoy lovely performances and infographics with the help of whiteboard video that will capture your attention. You need good whiteboard animation software to create amazing whiteboard animation videos.

There are many whiteboard animation software tools in the market. One of the best tools is Powtoon. Here I will discuss the Powtoon reviews so that you can make use of it in the best possible manner by getting familiar with it.

Powtoon – It is the software application that offers sound importance to animation. The users can enjoy appealing visual products. It deploys images and objects which result in the comfortable and convenient creation process. By making use of it, the users can get away from using PowerPoint. You can make use of it in some areas like marketing, training, music and sound effects. Let’s discuss the features of Powtoon in detail-

  • Pre Design objects- In your videos you can make use of all types of objects, pictures, sounds and music due to Powtoon tool. So you can easily make your content lively. You can make your video as per your choice by manipulating elements.
  • Choice of DIY- You can include excellent audio or visual elements like pictures, drawings, sounds, narration, and music. Modify videos as per your desire.
  • Pre-built option- It features many pre-built options where you can involve text and branding of your own. It will prove to be the time-saving policy where in a small number of clicks an operator can enjoy the complete video.  
  • Cloud Based – You can make full use website like Powtoon as it is cloud based. An internet connection is required to make use of it from anywhere. Immediately you can take advantage of it by subscribing.
  • Role of tutorials- You can get accustomed to all the functions with the help of tutorials. The great thing is that it is user-friendly so anyone can learn the software.
  • Is PowToon free? – Yes, PowToon holds free options so before purchasing you can try the software. Though the options are limited, you can have access to the creation of watermarked videos where certain features will be blocked.

From the features mentioned above, you can draw PowToon reviews. To add more clarity to your understanding regarding the same, I will throw some light in a nutshell on the advantages and disadvantages of this app.


  • It deals with the variety of costs.
  • You will enjoy good tutorials which will guide you in the easy usage of the interface.
  • It offers team capability with free limited version.
  • The paying members can enjoy the support 24/7.
  • Many types of cartoon related videos can be made due to the presence of available objects.

As every aspect has two coins – one is benefits, and the other is drawbacks, so along with advantage, PowToon also has some disadvantage.


  • It depends on internet speed so you can face slow cloud interface.
  • One type of video is mostly focused.

PowToon Pricing

It has different levels which have different features and pricing. One is free tier, and the other is for teams. In the free facility, you will get basic quality and resolution. The Pro plan is of $19 per month with HD quality and resolution. $59 per month is for the business plan with full HD quality and resolution. You will have 24/7 support for both business and Pro plan. For team project, you will get the discount of $46 per month as to avail this plan you have to purchase multiple licenses.

PowToon Reviews

People who possess less knowledge of PowerPoint and is looking for the interface for marketing presentations can depend on PowToon. You can make use of it in different areas like working environment, personal life, and Edu.You don’t require an animator to make use of Powtoon. You can run this free animation software tool on windows. In few hours you can create 2D animations with the help of this free animation software tool. You can enjoy this program on web, mac, and windows. This app will provide great help for your business purposes.

Users will find it appropriate for simple and short commercials. You can enjoy animations and transitions with great speed. The timings are suitable to carry out the functioning. Though it doesn’t suit all types of requirements, still it can offer something valuable to its users due to quality features. From this post, you can make out that if you prefer to use software application where you do not involve lots of artistic skills for your business matters, then you can comfortably proceed with PowToon tool. You will enjoy this easy to use an app. For storytelling and producing simple Flash style movies and presentations, this software will work for you correctly.

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