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How to Play OSU with Tablet: Exact Guide

Many of you people are clueless on how to use OSU tablet! Also, there are very few reference guides available on the internet, and that is why confusions are at their peak. So today in this article, I will tell you how to optimize all the settings and everything of your newly bought tablet for OSU. The purpose of writing this article is that I wanted to make sure that you don’t have any default settings which are potentially going to hurt you later on! I will show you how to play OSU with a tablet. Read further.

ow to play OSU with tablet

How to Play OSU with Tablet

Step 1: Get the Drivers

Let’s start off with getting the drivers for your tablet. You know, almost with any tablet, you are supposed to have drivers that you need to install. These drivers are going to come in a disc, with the package you have bought, or you can buy them online. It is a personal choice, but if you ask me, I download them from the internet.

To get the drivers, you can go to the website of your tablet brand. For example, if you have a Wacom tablet, it is preferable to visit the site of Wacom. So, go to the Google and type Wacom on the search bar. You will see that the search result contains ‘Drivers.’

Click on that to direct yourself to the website of the company. There you will see the models of the tablet. Choose the one model of the tablet you are using right now. Also, check the OS and after referring everything, press ‘Download.’

Step 2: Run the Setup

run settingAfter downloading, run through the setup and it’s usually going to require you to reboot your computer to process all the changes. So now, you have the all the drivers. You are going to get something like ‘wacom tablet properties’ and whenever you use your tablet & click on something, it’s going to have like a ripple effect, and it’s going to be really weird.

Use a programme called ‘Debug.’ You can also download it and run it. This function will help you to convert all the bad programs of your tablet into the good! But, if it gives you the error or not turning to the right, it is possible that your screen starts blinking three to four times. Then, run it as an administrator and make everything okay and refresh the status just to be sure.

By following the above procedure, you will see that the flicks and everything will be turned off for you. Also, there is a manual way to do it. You can get it on the website, but according to me, this is the easiest way to do it.

Note: One thing to understand that when everything goes wrong, that means that all the programmes, on-screen controls, and setting options for the tablets are disabled. You can either make them able or delete all of them entirely or tuck them into a folder. That doesn’t really matter.

Step 3: Check the Updates

After that, now you should open up the Wacom tablet properties. Obviously, if you have a different kind of features, you will have various software for it. In the Wacom, you will get a desktop center, and it launches every time I turn on the computer. But, you should always run through it once and make sure that you don’t have any new updates. You guys can also backup your settings to the clouds. So in case, you lose your settings, you can restore them back to the computer.

Step 4: Set the Tablet Properties

tablet propertiesSo, go into your tablet properties and make sure that you have OC running. It doesn’t have to be running, so you just have to go to the ‘plus’ icon, and if it’s running, you guys can select it from the options or browse and find OSU. All the buttons you see on the top of your tablet, I recommend disabling all of them to avoid pressing them accidentally while playing.

Step 5: Pen Settings

Pen settingMoving over to the pen, it does not affect anything unless you drag. If you have buttons on your pen, you should make them disabled as also, in that case, you don’t want to click something randomly.

Step 6: Mapping

Now the other thing is Mapping. The tablet area is what a lot of people get confused about and what a lot of people look around for! As most of you may know that the tablet area is entirely preference. But, there are a couple of things you may know that you should not have your tablet area too small as it can provide you a lot of speed but lack of accuracy. Also, it should not be too big as it goes really hard on the wrist. Also, select the pen mode and not the mouse one, and choose ‘full’ on the screen area if you have one monitor and select the tablet area as per your preference.

Step 7: In-game Settings

game settingSo, that’s all the settings you really need for your tablet. There are some in-game settings you need to check according to your convenience. Go through them and fix each and everything which can help you to smooth the procedure.

Now you are entirely ready to rock. I hope these easy steps will help you to fix all of your queries on how to play OSU with a tablet. Enjoy this freeware rhythm game thoroughly and wish you all the high score to prove your status. Happy gaming!

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