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How to Play OSU with Tablet: Exact Guide

ow to play OSU with tablet

Many of you people are clueless on how to use OSU tablet! Also, there are very few reference guides available on the internet, and that is why confusions are at their peak. So today in this article, I will tell you how to optimize all the settings and everything of …

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2D vs 3D Animation: Know the Exact Difference with Example

2d vs 3d animation

If you are interested in reading this article, you must know that the field of Animation is trending! You name the area of interest, and you will find out that animation can be applied anywhere! Either it is education, branding or marketing, entertainment, or some IT industries, every professional field …

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Powtoon Reviews: Create Whiteboard Video in Fastest Way

Powtoon Reviews- Create Whiteboard Video in Fastest Way

You can enjoy lovely performances and infographics with the help of whiteboard video that will capture your attention. You need good whiteboard animation software to create amazing whiteboard animation videos. There are many whiteboard animation software tools in the market. One of the best tools is Powtoon. Here I will …

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Moovly Review: Best Animation Software

Moovly Review- Best Animation Software

Many savvy business holders are helped by the software candidates to develop animated videos competently and swiftly. Moovly is excellent animation program for 2D animation software. If you are planning to make use of video animation software for the delivery of appropriate information for personal use or digital marketing, then …

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VideoScribe Sparkol Reviewed and Compared

VideoScribe Sparkol Reviewed and Compared

Whiteboard animation has become a new source of storytelling but in more interesting way. This software is worth trying as it can easily replicate stop-motion сарturе style which can be a tad difficult to use. Launched in 2012 by UK based company Sparkol, VіdеоSсrіbе Software attains the popularity by April …

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Top 8 Prezi Alternatives – Best Similar Software

Top 8 Prezi Alternatives Best Similar Software

For those who know what Prezi is, we all agree it is a great software. People who are unaware of Prezi, it is a productivity app based on the cloud. It creates presentations in complete contrast to traditional presentations, making your presentations more dynamic and interactive. While Prezi has an …

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Best Wacom Cintiq Alternatives of 2017

Best Wacom Cintiq Alternatives

When Wacom introduced a significant range of Cintiq product, many competitors have come up with same or some extra features to be a top Cintiq alternative. There is a broad range of Wacom Cintiq alternatives available in the market but which one to choose. The first thing is the budget followed …

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