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Anime Studio® Debut 10 Review – Best Software for Beginners

By keeping in mind the beginners in the digital media field, Smith Micro has trimmed down its Anime Studio Pro Animation Software into the new affordable and easy-to-use 2D animation software – Anime Studio Debut. Today, we will discuss about the latest version of it and check the Anime Studio Debut 10 Review to find out how it will help the beginners to make an impact in the market.

If you are also a beginner and looking for the best software for animation, then you should go nowhere else than Anime Studio Debut 10. Not just because it has reduced price, but also it has great features for the beginners which make it a true value for the money, or not? Let’s find out.

Anime Studio® Debut 10 Review – Best Software for Beginners

Key Features of Anime Studio Debut 10

  • It has a powerful entry-level 2D animation software program
  • Comes with detailed video tutorial guide to make you understand step-by-step process
  • Pre-made characters and content will help you to start animating straight away
  • The bone-rigging feature is efficient and faster. In this, you will be able to add a skeleton structure in any frame with just a few clicks to create a bone structure, i.e. legs, hands, etc.
  • Easy-to-use timeline with an instinctive user interface will give you an easy and quick access to frequently used tools
  • Vector-based, powerful, and enhanced drawing tools give you authority to manipulate the art to give it the desired look and feel
  • You will be allowed to add lip-synching and soundtracks for your characters and objects, you can even record your own voice over and can adjust the low or high pitch to give a perfect dialog delivery
  • You can use the pre-loaded images or can import your own photos to convert them into vector drawing with just a click, also the tracing of white, black, and edges helps you to change the style settings of your vector drawing
  • The ‘follow path tool’ offers a lot of animation possibilities in an easier way
  • It is super compatible with a variety of Wacom tablets due to their multi-touch capability
  • Other features like support to the multiple documents, editor for the keyboard shortcut, combined point, and bone tools, simultaneously editing of multiple layers, etc. do nothing but just adds its usefulness to the beginners in animation field

Installation of Anime Studio Debut 10

You can install the Anime Studio Debut or Anime Studio Pro (which is designed for the skilled animators) either from the installation CD or as a digital download. It is as simple as installing a plug-in on your browser. After the installation, you will see a large, clear, and clean workspace interface of the anime studio software which gives an easy and quick way to start your animation.

The trimmed down version of the Anime Studio Pro has the visibility to most of the buttons and tools which give you relief from searching the menu for getting your needed functionality.


System Compatibility

For Windows:

  • It is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1, and latest versions
  • It will require at least 1.3GHz processor with 2GB RAM and 700MB hard disk space
  • Minimal display resolution required is 1024×768, but if you got a 1280×800, then it will give a great viewing experience

For Mac:

  • It is compatible with Mac OS X 10.8/10.9, and latest versions
  • It will require a 64-bit OS, a 1.3GHz processor with recommended 2GB RAM and 700MB minimum disk space
  • Same like for Windows, 1024×768 display resolution is recommended

Both the Windows and Mac Operating Systems will require a physical version DVD-ROM drive and an Internet connection to activate the product.

Cons of Anime Studio Debut 10

As nothing comes as 100% perfect, the Anime Studio Software also has some drawbacks which make is Blood Orchid.

  1. It lacks the onion skinning feature. Which makes it really unacceptable, especially for the beginners. If you cannot scroll back to your previous frame, the how can you get the exact idea for the current frame?
  2. Audio capability of the Anime Studio Debut 10 is also limited because it does not have sound effect library. You are always able to import your audio clips in the anime studio software, but for the best effects, you may want a third-party editing software for importing the final sound to your animation.
  3. The Anime Studio Debut 10 is purely designed for the ‘Flash Style’ animation, so you will not be able to create a traditional frame-by-frame draw animation with it. This is not what will be inconvincible to all, but we think, there may be a few.

So, is Anime Studio Debut 10 – the best Software for Beginners?

The Anime Studio Debut 10 is surely an amazing animation software at an affordable price and with features like a pro version. It still has some areas of improvement to make it the first choice among all the animators. But, the video tutorial guides, easy-to-operate dashboard, and lots of forums online available for it makes the Anime Studio Debut 10 – the best software for beginners compared to the other beginner’s 2D animation software available in the market.

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