Best Whiteboard Animation Software

By making hours of research and testing different applications, we have compiled a list of the Best Whiteboard Animation Software. We all know that a whiteboard animation video is a video that draws itself. We can use animated photos, shapes, sounds, voice-overs, and characters to create different styles and tones of our projects. From something informative to a dramatic scene, client animations in various fields to opportunities for telling stories, anything we can create in a video manner using the best whiteboard animation software. Over the past few years, there are a lot of whiteboard video software popped up, and as a result, an end user sometimes feels confused to choose the top from it. Check this site and get the top whiteboard animation software reviews which will help you getting the right tool.


1) Videoscribe/Sparkol

videoscribe-sparkolBeing among one of the most popular whiteboard animation software for PC, Videoscribe is perfect for educators, straightforward and technical orientations, and FAQs. It is also a good option if you are looking for a whiteboard animation software for Mac. If you want to create a high-quality whiteboard animation video, then Videoscribe is the right choice.

Videoscribe or Sparkol is a desktop application which you can download as a file and then install it on your computer. You can also have a free trial to be familiar and test its functionalities. A pdf on “how to design your whiteboard animation” is also available with the software which can help you getting started if you are new to it.

You can create a doodle, scribe, and off course whiteboard animation videos using Videoscribe. Create a canvas and then add images from the library (you can even upload your own images). Click on the preview button to check the changes before applying them. You can control the drawing speed and change the properties of the images by making a double click on them. You should record your voice over before working on the video content. It will help you to create the video accordingly by using relevant texts and images. You can also record your voice over for every scene, live. This will help to set the pace for a perfect video animation.

After its first release in 2012, it became very popular among worldwide user as it was the first software in its class which made possible creating whiteboard videos without any help from experts. You can either get a trial version to test or can choose from its different plans made just for you.


2) Explaindio Video Creator

explaindioMany of the people who search for the best whiteboard animation software are new to this term. But we have to admit that without Explaindio, this list cannot be completed. It is one of the top used whiteboard animation software today. With a truly feature rich interface, we can say that it can perform somewhat better than Videoscribe!

The canvas or say the timeline of the Explaindio 2.0 is easy-to-operate and user-friendly. This interface makes things easy for the users in creating a perfect whiteboard video. You can also create stunning presentation videos using its pre-designed slides and also make green screen animation videos. To create attention-grabbing and professional looking 2D and 3D videos in minutes, you will also find tutorial videos on the site.

You can switch between sketch and presentation/animation feature easily. The interface is so easy to understand and operate that you need not pass through a learning curve. With the available tutorials, free pre-made projects and slides, you will learn to create excellent videos in no time. For each slide, you will get buttons for voice overs and music, which will help to create a full paced animation video.

At the launch, Explaindio was available only as a one-time purchase software. But soon later, they started yearly and monthly subscription plans for the users. Also, a 7-day trial is available if you want to check its features before buying a full version.


3) GoAnimate

goanimateProduce professional style whiteboard videos using the GoAnimate software. You can choose from over thousands of hand-drawn assets and hundreds of action-making characters to fit your business and professional settings. With a hand-holding marker pen, you can draw these assets in your final video. It doesn’t matter whether you are a rookie or a pro, you can make stunning whiteboard videos quickly and easily using this software.

GoAnimate is a highly-professional whiteboard animation software which allows you to create stunning videos using your mouse and your favorite internet browser. You can import audio files, add voice overs or voice acting to your animated videos to have a high-quality result. This feature of importing DIY content allows you to brand your business and services in the way you want. Another great feature of GoAnimate is, it is entirely cloud based, so it will not take any space on your hard drive. So only with the internet connection, you can access your GoAnimate account without downloading it on your system.

GoAnimate whiteboard animation software offers three types of subscription plans to choose from. As they may be costly for some people, you can also create free animated videos and download them, with a watermark, though. If you are creating cartoon series, animated infographics, or animated video stories, then go for GoAnimate.


easy-sketch-pro-3-04) Easy Sketch Pro

With a lot faster and improved user interface in its latest update, Easy Sketch Pro is also one of the best whiteboard animation software today. The live ‘hot spots’ help you to make interactive whiteboard animation videos. You are free to add your website links, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook accounts and even affiliate links.

It’s not just an information giving whiteboard animation software; you can also generate leads through Easy Sketch Pro! The featured ‘click to call’ button allows the viewers to call you from the video directly. Publishing multiple videos, adding call opt-in form links, and analytics of user interactions are some of the attractive features of Easy Sketch Pro. Have you ever think of making affiliate marketing using a whiteboard video? If not, this is the time. Use Easy Sketch Pro whiteboard animation software and create simple whiteboard videos to describe the service and product for which you want to get affiliate percentages. Today, not too many people are using whiteboard animation for affiliate marketing, and so it will make you create something different and exciting than others.

If you have a small budget or cannot go with the monthly or yearly subscriptions, then Easy Sketch Pro is the right software for you. It is cheaper than Videoscribe and Explaindio Video Creator. You can also claim for the welcome bonus package to get an additional discount. All these mean, you will get a fully featured whiteboard animation software at cost-effective rates.


5) PowToon

powtoonPowToon is also a favorite whiteboard animation software which provides a free plan for its users. If you search for the free whiteboard animation software, then you will find PowToon at the top of the result page. Just like GoAnimate, PowToon is also a web application which helps you in creating compelling animated videos and presentations.

You can use your images or can use the free resource of PowToon for crafting your videos and amplifying your messages. There are hundreds of free templates available to tweak and revise according to your requirements. This is a great help for those who do not want to start from scratch. This straightforward tool helps you a lot along the way of creating professional whiteboard animations.

If you are less experienced with the PowerPoint presentations, then it is advisable that you go for PowToon software to create whiteboard videos. By using this software, you can make quick marketing video presentations through a simple interface. Sometimes users face lags in between slides and moving pictures, but overall it is made for beautiful end results.

You can sign up for the free account using your Gmail or Facebook profile. You will also find guidance videos for a surprisingly simple process of creating whiteboard videos from start to finish.


6) Moovly

moovlyMoovly allows you to create animated whiteboard videos, presentations, and all types of multimedia contents. From a marketing tool to a powerful engagement solution, any presentation you want is easy to create with this amazing whiteboard animation software.

Moovly is an easy-to-use online editor which does not require to install any plugin or files. You can view, modify, delete, and restore your whiteboard videos anytime on Moovly. You can upload your images, sounds, and voice overs to your personal library. You can also share them with your circle on Google Plus and publish them on Twitter and Facebook. Its simple drag and drop interface helps you creating content quickly.

Click on the ‘New Moov’ tab for creating a new video. Then add a title and description for your content and choose the best suitable template from the predefined projects. You can even start from scratch to create your presentation whiteboard video in your way. By merging with flash, you can make it interactive too.

Moovly offers four types of plans on the monthly or yearly subscription packages. The big range allows all kinds of users including students, small companies, professionals, and corporates to choose according to their specific requirement and need. It also has a free iOS mobile app.



Communicate with people and educate new learners with whiteboard animation videos. You can make interactions with people without any direct involvement. Maybe you find it costly at first, but as the campaign progresses, you will start getting more traffic and sales for your products and services. You will find that the cost you spent on the animation video is quite lower than the revenue you generate by using them in your marketing campaigns. So, don’t watch the whiteboard animation videos of others, just start making your own!